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Startup Support in Los Angeles

I’ve written in the past about women starting up companies, which are often great and inspiring stories. There is a lot of activity right now in Los Angeles, especially West LA, in building and supporting a startup community. It’s been … Continue reading

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Interesting Articles from the Week of November 4, 2012

In addition to writing posts, I’ve been following several other website and blogs for interesting and relevant articles and news. I’ve decided to start a weekly roundup of articles I’ve found worthy of making comments on, and I hope you … Continue reading

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The Trend of Co-working and Childcare

Brainstorming a new business model Last year while in an Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation class at UCLA Anderson, myself and a team of three guys spent some time developing a model of combining together a co-working space with flexible, on-site … Continue reading

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Starting Your Own Business – One Step at a Time

I’ve searched the Google adwords tool and the phrase “starting your own business” came out with a very high global monthly search rating. This means that many people, all around the world, are searching for this topic all the time. … Continue reading

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Aero(space) Engineers Wanted!

Late last month an article caught my eye about Boeing and Airbus “fighting like hell” for aerospace engineers. It is forecasted that the 2 big airline companies are will need to produce around 20,000 aircraft by 2030, while the recruitment … Continue reading

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WOW to the Women At Work – Helping Other Women

A friend passed this article on to me a few weeks ago, and I thought it was worth sharing: Meet the League of Extraordinary Women: 60 Influencers Who are Changing the World. Some people on the list are “big names” … Continue reading

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Resources to Support/Encourage Women in Technology

It has been almost 5 decades now since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act. It emphasized and legalized that the payment for female workers should not be less than that which a man performing the same job receives. But … Continue reading

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Being a Woman in the “Mans” World

Even though it’s been ~40 years since the second wave of the women’s movement, in which there was a focus on gender equality in laws and culture, there are still many industries that are considered to be “men’s” fields, including … Continue reading

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Anderson Quarterly Forecast: Where are the Jobs?

I attended the UCLA Anderson Quarterly Forecast yesterday. The focus was “Where are the Jobs?”, and in addition to hearing from economists that gave briefings on National and California forecasts, we heard from an executive panel that discussed trends and … Continue reading

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Today is the second TEDxWomen conference, being hosted simultaneously in New York and Los Angeles at the Paley Center for Social Media, and being broadcast to over 40 sites around the world. I’m taking it in at the new Google … Continue reading

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More on Ambition: What Women Are Teaching Men About Work-Life Balance

There was an article in the Huffington Post in response to the same Sheryl Sandberg comments around women & ambition that I wrote about last week. The overall theme of the artile is that men should be thankful (since they … Continue reading

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Can’t Afford an Office? Rent a Desk for $275

Building on the need for more flexibility in the working world, along with cost savings and the ability the collaborate and build things on your own, there is a growing set of shared office spaces. Rather than working alone from … Continue reading

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8 Steps to Getting What You Want… Without Formal Credentials

Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Workweek, hosted a guest blog from Micheal Ellsberg on the 8 Steps to Getting What You Want… Without Formal Credentials. It provides a framework on how you can take a topic you are interested … Continue reading

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The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies

This is a very cool program that I’ve known about for the last year or so. They take a group of 25-50 people who are interested in to entrepreneurship, and over the course of four months work with you to … Continue reading

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Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

I’m starting a new career as an entrepreneur, and have been spending time finding the resources and organizations that are available to me. The problem I want to work on is helping parents, primarily women, who are finding it difficult … Continue reading

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