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It’s About Time – MIT Breast Pump Hackathon

This is awesome – MIT is putting on a ‘make the breast pump not suck’ hackathon event through the Media Lab. I was just talking to someone last week about the lack of innovation in breast pumps, and that the … Continue reading

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Two WSJ Blog Posts – Where are Women, Not Dumping Family

It’s been a bit since I wrote a post. For those who know me personally, you’ve likely already heard or seen the news that I became a mom just over three weeks ago. Isaac Hazen Johnson was born Monday, July … Continue reading

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Quality Time

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Happy New Year! I had a really nice break over three weeks or so, with some work interspersed with relaxation and fun. We celebrated Christmas in CA, and then we’re in TX for a week for another round of Christmas … Continue reading

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Pruning the Branches / Declutter the Network

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In the last two weeks, there has been a message I’ve been hearing that is sticking with me, and that I’m working on putting in to practice. I volunteer as a lector at St. Monica’s in Santa Monica, which means … Continue reading

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Whew! Busy August, Time for Some Catching Up on Women, Life and Work

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Starting the month of August, I had a goal of doubling my blog viewership over the month of July. I had written a post the last day of July that had some good traction, and then . . . I … Continue reading

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Setting Your Own Rules, Figuring Out How to be Present

Over the last week I’ve had several experiences and have read several articles that have gotten me thinking about the importance of being present, and (more importantly), that it is in each of our control to set rules and boundaries … Continue reading

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A Sweet Story That Was Sent My Way

A fellow entrepreneur friend of mine shared this article with me because he thought I would find it interesting – Sweet success: Simple Sugar scrubs have wowed skin care market, TV’s ‘Shark Tank’. As I was reading through it, my … Continue reading

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Impressions and Thoughts from “Lean In”

Last weekend while on my flights to/from Texas I read Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In – Women, Work and the Will to Lead”. I had read a lot of the press leading up to the release of the book, had watched … Continue reading

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Read and Share – Arianna Huffington on Leaning In, Leaning Back and the Second Women’s Movement

Over the weekend I got my copy of Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, which has gotten a lot of press since it came out a few weeks ago. I plan to write a post once I’ve had a chance to … Continue reading

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Read and Share – Making ‘herstory’, Thanks to Teachers

First time on my blog. I love to read. Sometimes I do comment. But most of the times I am a silent reader but love to share. My mom passed this on to me, and I thought it was a … Continue reading

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Women Still Can’t Have It All?

I read an article last year that made the rounds and got a lot of attention – Why Women Still Can’t Have It All. I shared it with family and friends, as well as women in my sorority, to hopefully find … Continue reading

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Women in Politics

Many of my previous articles have focused on women and their careers, women in startups and work at home women. A lot of my focus has been on women in engineering, business, and technology, but I recently realized there is … Continue reading

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Interesting Articles from the Last Week of 2012

Here is a bit of catching up from interesting articles at the end of December. Blogs I followed in 2012 At Women 2.0 I believe that articles like this – Female Founder Successes of 2012 help to inspire more women … Continue reading

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Interesting Articles from the Week of Dec. 3, 2012

As I go along my blogging routine I have found it essential to check out more sites to find leads and be inspired with their stories. I sometimes leave comments to start an interaction with other writers. Care to read … Continue reading

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The Trend of Co-working and Childcare

Brainstorming a new business model Last year while in an Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation class at UCLA Anderson, myself and a team of three guys spent some time developing a model of combining together a co-working space with flexible, on-site … Continue reading

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Women in Tech Leadership (and in the News)

Growing and Guiding a Social Media Platform to Becoming a Publicly Traded Company Four years ago, Sheryl Sandberg was named chief operating officer for Facebook. This June, she was appointed as the only female member of the board of Facebook. … Continue reading

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Resources to Support/Encourage Women in Technology

It has been almost 5 decades now since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act. It emphasized and legalized that the payment for female workers should not be less than that which a man performing the same job receives. But … Continue reading

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Mom / Grandma Myth: Not “Techies”

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed a few articles about moms/grandmas not understanding technology and not being techies. What does techie really mean? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a techie is “a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about … Continue reading

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