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I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks (trip to Boston for MIT alumni association activities, trip to Vancouver for work, and then a trip to Phoenix for baseball spring training and visiting with Tim’s family), so I haven’t had as much time to check on my favorite blogs and news sources to curate articles and make comments. But – better late than never, here are some goodies from a few weeks ago.

My Favorite Blogs and Comments

At Women 2.0

An article about Bizarro World, and How Women will Save Mankind struck me. And so I say – 

“The two traits of arrogance and confidence are interesting ones that are often displayed in entrepreneurs. While arrogance does allow someone to put on an appearance of being right and working on the right answer/product, it does turn people off. Having the confidence to go with your gut, attack the problem that is challenging, and put your face out there is necessary for success as an entrepreneur – and I’m excited to hear about the visible change in female entrepreneurs.”

At The Work at Home Woman

We are asked, “Are You Hiding?” The article shared 5 tips on how to put yourself out there, despite your fear, and stop hiding.

And may I add –

“Very true – we are often hiding because of what we think other people will think of us, or because we are measuring ourselves to some standard (that may not really mean much in the long run!). Allowing your talents to come out is contagious – people will enjoy working with you more, and they are then more likely to share their own strengths and talents as well.”

At Forbes

An article that says if you’re Seeking Work Life Balance – Be French has some good tips. It notes that French culture is a better fit for American parents. But I wonder –

“These are some good “French” tips, though I wonder how much help French women have with childcare, taking the kids to practice, etc. Is there more of a norm of having a nanny? Kids don’t do as much outside of the home?”

Another one from Forbes

Entrepreneurial Austin: One Woman’s SXSW Party Profiteering shows a party person juggling her time in many parties and then figuring out ways to earn from them.

And I’ve got a called out comment –

“What a great example of creating a business out of unique knowledge, skills, or information you have access to.”

At Huffington Post

A very timely article De-stressing at Work: What Women Want because of recent issues regarding staying in the office or telecommuting. I’d say –

“Reading this with the recent Yahoo announcement of eliminating telecommuting is interesting. Certainly telecommuting is a form of flexibility for work, though I do understand the reason Yahoo has for making the policy change. It will be interesting to see how the demographics of Yahoo change over the next few years as a result.”

At Women on Business

With lots of gadgets that go with us wherever we go, it could either be a distraction or a help. Here are 3 Tools to Help you Get More Done. And I say –

“I like to use social media, checking the news, etc as a reward for having completed tasks. I also have filters set up for emails that come in which are related to non-work things (shopping, music, etc) so I am not distracted by reading them.”

At Slice of MIT

Be amazed with Drawings that Jump from the Page. I am!

“What an awesome invention, and a crazy successful Kickstarter campaign too! I’ve put in an order for one.”


An article 7 Qualities of Uber-Productive People have some real insights on what’s really happening to really productive people. And I add –

“Asking for help and just starting have been two big lessons for me these past few years as I’ve entered the world of entrepreneurship.”

Well, there you go. Reading does give me more things to think about. But it’s all worth it.

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