Interesting Articles from the Week of January 21, 2013


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Reading other people’s blogs makes me see a wider perspective whether it’s about business, or the corporate world, or the work at home mom. And I’m loving it 🙂

Hope you enjoy reading these blogs and check out my comments too.

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I can relate to this article Why Women Tech Execs Can and Must Thrive on Risk. And so I said

“When I decided to leave my corporate job to start the life of an entrepreneur, it was the first time I had taken that type of risk. It was tough to make the leap, but I also had realized that if I didn’t get more comfortable with taking risks, I would end up with regret wondering about what may have been.”

At The Work at Home Woman

A Flexible and Family-Friendly Business … Is it Really Possible? And I firmly believe nothing is impossible especially for mothers who long to take care of their children and still have their own jobs or works.

So I say

“Many women have and continue to go through this dilemma after having a baby and wanting to go back to work (but maybe not in the same fashion as before). I’m excited to see additional businesses starting that will help people continue to have a career while having the time and flexibility that they want.”


The U.S. Gets Left Behind When It Comes to Working Women is a very intriguing article. And my thoughts on this

“These are some interesting stats. I’m glad to hear about the higher number of women in management in the States, though it is disappointing to hear the overall employment numbers have plateaud. It would also be helpful to look at the relative wealth and economic well being of these countries to better understand if some people are working out of necessity.”

Another one at Forbes

Rocks, Paper, CEO: Finding the Best Leader for Your Startup will lead you to planning your own strategy on getting a CEO for your business. And I say

“Knowing each and everyone’s strengths and weaknesses is a great start to finding out who fits best for what position. I’ve found that actually working together for a while makes this conversation easier – the cofounders can see evidence of who is better doing the different tasks and taking on the roles required.”

At Slice of MIT

An article commending fellow alumni in Using Crowd-Sourcing to Kickstart Research shows a very good example to everyone who wants to study in MIT or who wants to start a business. I’ve added to their list of people to commend.

“I know of two MIT alums (AXO sorority sisters) that have run successful Kickstarter campaigns this year. Melissa Kendell Haliburton ’00 is going in to production for her project ‘Ruff Guide to the United States’: Alison Wong ’03 has built and shipped Flipcase, a collapsible sunglasses case.

At Femgineer

An article on Preoccupations Over Pricing had me this to say

“Great pointers on setting price. This is also important when you are selling services (your expertise) – you need to set a price point that reflects the value you are bringing, and not feel bad for charging for your time and expertise!”

Got some blogs that you love?

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