Interesting Articles from the Week of Dec. 3, 2012

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Blog Commenting
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As I go along my blogging routine I have found it essential to check out more sites to find leads and be inspired with their stories. I sometimes leave comments to start an interaction with other writers.

Care to read what’s been going on in the past week?

At Women 2.0

“It’s good to come across these kinds of competitions which will showcase the best of the best in their own fields. Good luck to the finalists!”

This is what I say about the article on Early-Stage Women-Led Startups Invited to Apply to Pitch SF 2013 Startup Competition. They’re on their 6th year and going stronger.

Hey – you women entrepreneurs out there – you may want to submit your applications for this pitch competition now. Deadline is either by January 1, 2013, or when the judges have already chosen their 10 finalists. The prizes in the previous years included meetings with iconic investors and a lot of startup-friendly support.

At Forbes

Are Stingy Employers to Blame for the So-called Skills Shortage?  Can you relate? Well I did and here’s what I said:

“If there is a problem of not enough people being willing to work for the stated wages, wouldn’t the companies naturally increase the wages they are willing to pay? This seems like an issue of supply/demand on the workforce.”

There are studies that state that there is mismatch in the education of the applicant to the skills needed for the job. But Adam Davidson thinks otherwise. He points out that it’s the low wages that the employers are offering that results in a serious skills gap. What do you think?

Another one at Forbes

A rather intriguing article about Men aren’t Mad at Women’s Success – They Just Don’t Want to Help caught my eye. There’s been a significant shift in gender dynamics, with a lot more women in the work force. While women were part of this ‘revolution’, the claim is that men didn’t get to play a part, so that there is no change in them.

My take on this one is quite different from what the article would like to convey. My two cents –

“This is a very interesting article. Is there really a silent war between men and women? As a woman and a blogger I have been writing articles on women reaching their goals, aiming for the boardrooms and starting up companies. My experience is that men are supportive of this, especially when it comes to their own wives, sisters and daughters.”

At Women on Business

An article about Providing Value through Your Technical Solutions encourages people, especially entrepreneurs, to come up with technical solutions to everyday problems or concerns. Even offline businesses can immensely get greater results if they conduct e-commerce or email marketing. I’d say –

“Yes- going high-tech is the way to go for all kinds of businesses today, even if you are a so-called offline business. Marketing your business through the internet and building your brand presence is critical. Technical things are becoming more user-friendly and more simplified, making it easier for even small businesses to take advantage of technology.”

At Slice of MIT

Another great and inspiring story is From Sierra Lone, Focus Comes to MIT. Kelvin Doe is 15 years old with no formal training in engineering. Yet – he has built batteries and generators with the use of scrap metals and wiring. He says “People usually call me DJ Focus in my community because I believe if you focus, you can do an invention perfectly.

And I say –

“Wow – this is an awesome, inspiring video. And DJ Focus is right – “If you focus, you can do an invention perfectly.” Just like in everything that we do – we should believe in what we can do and focus our energies and efforts to it and something good will come out of it.”

At Femgineer

Cramped Creativity is an issue that most people deal with. There comes a point in your life when you feel you’ve done things and routine isn’t making things any better. So I say –

“I’ve found putting myself in to totally new situations/industries has made a difference. I’ve been taking my first acting class (voiceovers) the last few months to grow my creative/expressive side. I am working on a company in an industry I knew little about, which is giving me the chance to learn an entire new set of information. I think if you put yourself out there in new things, you’ll help your mind continue to stretch.”


As I’m interested in startups I find this article very timely – 3 Tips for Coming Up with Startup Ideas. Paul Graham, co-founder of Y Combinator shares 3 tips. He says: Go for depth, not breadth. Live in the future. Turn off the filters.

And I think –

“This is a great list. In addition to these steps, getting out there and talking, talking, talking to people is a way to learn what the ‘real’ problems are, and how you can address them.”

Are you a blogger? Have you started commenting on other blogs as well? Feel free to share your thoughts on my blog on the comments form below.

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I’m an entrepreneur and a recent MBA graduate from UCLA Anderson. I have 10 years of experience in IT Management and Systems Engineering. I love learning, helping others, exploring the world around me, running at the beach, going to concerts, and visiting family and friends. I grew up in Helotes, Texas, went to undergrad in Cambridge, MA, and now live in Venice, CA.
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  1. Thanks for including Femgineer in this list! Curious to see how your blog evolves too. Noticed you’re from Helotes, I’m originally from San Antonio 🙂

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