Interesting Articles from the Week of November 12, 2012

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As following other blogs became something I was doing to help find material for my blog, eventually blog commenting followed. Here are the articles that I found interesting and shared my thoughts on the week before last (a bit late due to Thanksgiving!).

Blogs that I follow

At Women 2.0

An article with a question Are Entrepreneurs Made or Born? A Female Founder Weighs In caught my eye. I am an entrepreneur, as well as many of my friends/colleagues, so I spent time thinking through real-life examples I know. My take on this – “I do agree that there are certain traits that people are ‘born’ with that make them natural leaders and entrepreneurs. I do think there is a lot to be said for experience as well though – not only in startups, but in larger companies as well. Often the idea or opportunity to start something comes out of having been part of a larger company, and seeing things that could be changed and improved.”

At The Work at Home Woman

A very timely article Is This Your Busiest Time of the Year?, given that we just went through Thanksgiving and Christmas season is very fast approaching. The author offers tips on keeping our sanity during this busy season. I add:  “This is often the busiest time of the year, no matter who you are or what role you are in. In addition to having to wrap things up, there are many fun celebrations to take part of too! Parties are everywhere! Your tips are great. Organization is key during these busy times, and making priorities (and then holding to them!) is important as well. The last is the most important – learn to relax a little bit. Everybody should be feeling good this season – not stressed out.”

At Forbes

Here’s an inspiring story about Kaltura’s Michal Tsur on Female Leadership in the Tech Industry through providing open source video software for everybody to use. Unaware of any gender dynamics or the dominance of men in the tech industry, she proceeded in doing what she wanted to do, and has found success in doing so. And I add: “This is a great story and one that can inspire lots of young women to get into tech and startups for the love of solving interesting problems. In reality, the gender gap is there but what matters is how we each individually pursue what we are passionate about. Go on and do something that you love.”

At Women on Business

The 4 Key Characteristics of Successful Women Entrepreneurs and What’s Holding Them Back is a short straight to the point article. It states that successful women entrepreneurs:

  1. Make things happen.
  2. Are driven and confident.
  3. Are intelligent and innovative, but not “A” students.
  4. Are big dreamers.

In addition, “I think another characteristic of successful women entrepreneurs is that they are motivated to fix problems or challenges they encounter.”

At Slice of MIT

The Blending of Chic and Geek article caught my eye because the introduction says that Boston Magazine thinks that MIT is the world’s most important university (and is specifically better than Harvard). As an alumnus, I of course am proud. My feedback: “Though I am biased in agreeing that MIT is better, this is also an interesting article about innovation & entrepreneurship, and how that is being cultivated at MIT.”

Share your Thoughts

If you’ve got something more to say about these articles, or other websites and blogs I should be checking out, please feel free to share your thoughts below.

About Tamra Johnson

I’m an entrepreneur and a recent MBA graduate from UCLA Anderson. I have 10 years of experience in IT Management and Systems Engineering. I love learning, helping others, exploring the world around me, running at the beach, going to concerts, and visiting family and friends. I grew up in Helotes, Texas, went to undergrad in Cambridge, MA, and now live in Venice, CA.
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