Womenspiration – It’s Not Yet Defined but It’s Happening

Have you ever come across the word womenspiration? I am sure we have all guessed that this word is short for women inspiration or the women who inspire us. I have checked on Merriam-Webster Dictionary and even the Urban Dictionary  but the word is not defined yet. Google it and you will find articles using that word. So Google knows everything, right? Anyway, I think it is a cool word to use.

An article from Women2.0 is aptly titled Stories of Womenspiration caught my eye because of that term. It is about four recent graduates, strangers to one another, who were given seed money to start up a business venture. They came up with Penyo Pal, an educational tool for learning different languages through a game.

The author shares her womenspiration and found out that these women are still humble despite being trailblazers and sources of inspiration for other women who are still budding entrepreneurs. She has mentioned Sarah Prevette of Sprouter and Betakit, Claudia Hepburn of Next 36 and her co-founder of Penyo Pal, Jessica Fan.

Another source of womenspiration is 17 year old Brittany Wenger from Florida who won the grand prize in Google Science Fair for developing a breast cancer diagnosis app. As per her project description she combined the fields of biology and computer science to come up with this very important application.

At a very young age she was able to design a computer program called the neural network that imitates the human brain. This program analyzes input information and to find complex patterns and make diagnostics thus correctly identifying 99% of malignant tumors.

Now there is no doubt that this young girl will be a womenspiration to a lot of younger girls who are already showing interest in the technology field. And undoubtedly there are women older than Brittany who are inspired to pursue and become more successful in the same field as well.

Moving on to New York there is a team called Girls Who Code. This is a program run by Reshma Saujani whose passion is to get girls aged 13 to 17 to love using the technology and become successful in the fields of engineering and technology.

I believe there are a lot of women these days that are working hard to do well in their own fields as well as try to inspire the younger generations to pursue their interests in whatever field they choose. Science, technology and engineering are becoming more advanced each day and these groups and individuals are doing their part to be involved and drive the future.

Now who’s your Womenspiration?

About Tamra Johnson

I’m an entrepreneur and a recent MBA graduate from UCLA Anderson. I have 10 years of experience in IT Management and Systems Engineering. I love learning, helping others, exploring the world around me, running at the beach, going to concerts, and visiting family and friends. I grew up in Helotes, Texas, went to undergrad in Cambridge, MA, and now live in Venice, CA.
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1 Response to Womenspiration – It’s Not Yet Defined but It’s Happening

  1. hermoment says:

    Hey Tamra, funny a friend shot me this blog post linking it back to my original Womenspiration post Great to virtually meet you…been wanting to pursue an idea highlighting womenspirations for a while. Drop me a line at @wu_jane.

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