Mom / Grandma Myth: Not “Techies”

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed a few articles about moms/grandmas not understanding technology and not being techies. What does techie really mean? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a techie is “a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about technology, especially high technology”. Hmm – high technology? I don’t think I’ll go there . . .

A recent article from Huffington Post “Stop the Mom Myth: My Mom Isn’t a Tech Nitwit (And Neither is Yours)” discusses this generalization, which has resulted in 141 comments in the blog in 2 weeks time. When something is simple or easy to understand, it’s described as being easy enough for a ‘mom’ to understand. One of the things this article references is a site called Mom This is How Twitter Works is a guide for dummies when it comes to replies, retweets and some other social media jargon. I’ll admit it has useful information, and was probably done tongue in check, but why isn’t the site called “Dad This is How Twitter Works”?

According to a survey by Nielsen, female internet users are 6% more likely to have at least one social networking profile than the average online adult. Women also spend more time online than men, and also post more blogs and status updates. Moms comprise 1/3 of the bloggers (male & female combined) . They spend more time and do more of the shopping online than their male counterparts.

Another report done by Edison research in time for mother’s day this May aptly titled Moms and Media 012 finds that moms are mobile, complex consumers, they rely on technology, and they are social and responsive. Moms are changing from not only being strong, selfless and nurturing, but as also being described as connected, social and mobile.

As I wrote about a few weeks ago, part of this is related to women being more into socializing and into building relationships. And what best way to socialize and build new relationships or just continue communicating with friends and family around the busy lifestyle that we all have but through the internet and the social media platforms. So rather than being unable to understand how to use these tools and platforms, moms/women are actually more of the power users.

I guess the whole mom/grandma isn’t a techie is just part of the greater generalization/old mindset that women don’t understand technical things. I think the way technology has been embraced by everyone (men and women) the last decade can help to make this mindset go by the wayside.

About Tamra Johnson

I’m an entrepreneur and a recent MBA graduate from UCLA Anderson. I have 10 years of experience in IT Management and Systems Engineering. I love learning, helping others, exploring the world around me, running at the beach, going to concerts, and visiting family and friends. I grew up in Helotes, Texas, went to undergrad in Cambridge, MA, and now live in Venice, CA.
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